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Image by Wolfgang Hasselmann

Special Types & Abnormal Loads 

In road haulage, if the load being carried takes a vehicle outside of the Construction & Use Regulations 1986, then it will put the vehicle into Special types / Abnormal loads.

An example of this would be if the load took the GVW over 44,000kgs or took the width over 2.9m. There are other aspects that affect the regulations, but weight and dimensions are the most common.

In this case, the process for transporting your goods will change. A movement order will need to be granted along with 2 clear working days’ notice to the relevant police and authorities – and possibly an escort vehicle.

However, don’t panic as your goods are in secure hands. We will ensure complete adherence to all rules and regulations from start to finish, as safety is our top priority. The best part however, is that it’s all included in the price!

For more information, contact us today.

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