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Sculpture Install A3

Sculptures & Artwork 

Being our specialty, we are market leaders in the transportation and lifting of sculptures and artwork of every dimension. With over 25 years’ combined experience in the niche industry, we have encountered the logistical challenge of the most difficult sculpture installations.

Due to the nature of artwork, some pieces require the specialist touch to ensure a stress free and successful install. During our time in carrying out this work, we’ve come across a multitude of finishing locations – usually either positioned on grass or inside a building, but even on the side of the A3 or inside Marble Arch!

We offer a comprehensive package for installing artwork, right from surveying the site to constructing the concrete base and lifting/securing into place. We can also provide one-off insurance for high value goods, removing the responsibility and risk from yourselves. This package can be flexible to suit your circumstances, and we’re happy to carry out part of the works or the entire job.

We’re confident that our team of professionals and purpose built vehicles will overcome the most challenging of installs, and can assure you that we’re yet to be beaten.


For more information, contact us today.

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