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Cabin & Container Movements

Shipping containers are the backbone of the haulage industry for many reasons, such as the convenience of being able to use intermodal transport so readily without the need to load/unload vehicles. For this reason alone we uphold an outstanding reputation as specialists in transporting and lifting containers – whether empty or loaded with goods. For information on purchasing or hiring shipping containers, please see our ‘storage’ section.

This sector of the industry goes hand in hand with cabins and modular buildings, which are becoming increasingly popular as a building solution. Once only seen on construction sites, we now regularly erect modular buildings in various locations such as schools, hospitals and studios. However, due to the large nature of cabins they require a high level of expertise to be installed – from the surveying aspect to ensure accessibility for vehicles and cranes, to the process of notifying the correct authorities for abnormal loads and staying compliant within the law.

Once on site, our operatives have the necessary experience and equipment to situate your cabin in the desired location. Whether it be double stacked, over an obstacle or inside a building our team will leave every job with a satisfied customer.

For more information, contact us today.

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